Rocklore is ideally placed to assist and advise you on how to optimise your business strategy and operations, mitgate your risk and help leverage your record on QA/QC against financing. Located in London, our primary aims are to help you to build value, develop the project and to maintain your position at the head of the pack. We can also advise you on marketing strategies and the use of multimedia.

Exploration Strategies

Exploration strategies are based on profit and corporate risk criteria and should be forward thinking and flexible enough to guide a company through market and commodity price instablity. What commodity or deposit style is the company looking for? Where does the company want to explore? What skills, techniques or experience can the company turn to its advantage? What is the risk tolerance of the company’s investors? Once considered, these questions can help a company to design and implement an exploration strategy geared towards optimizing the economic benefits of the exploration investment process.

Business Strategies

An enterprise is defined by its vision and strategy and it is important to ensure that these are kept up to date and attuned to market and investor sentiments. A significant or prolonged shift in market conditions, geopolitical instability or commodity economics may individually or cumulatively necessitate a change in the company’s business strategy. Getting the business strategy right at the start of a enterprise or as swiftly as possible after the requirement for change can make the difference between a successful, responsive and dynamic company and a company devoid of ideas and lacking the drive and ambition to succeed in building value.

Marketing Strategies

An optimised marketing strategy can help your company to attract investors, inform the markets and maintain relations with stakeholders. The popularity of social media among corporations continues to soar and can be an invaluable medium through which to promote and deliver your business strategy. When creating social media goals, it is important to keep in line with the direction of the business, understand your audience, stay consistent to company values and remain compliant with policies and regulations. Successful marketing plans are built on sound research, in-depth market analysis, excellent investor communications and a solid business strategy.

Investment Support

Whether it is seed finance or large scale, complex fundraising we have corporate affiliates that can support your company’s objectives.
We can help to generate and evaluate investment opportunities, helping clients to understand and exploit underlying market trends and to optimise investment strategies and the decision making process. We can also support investors with due diligence and research, based on the client’s needs.

Risk Mitigation

Rocklore understands that risk can come in many forms. Whilst some risks can be mitigated through the implementation of best working practice and common HSE standards, there are also more complex forms of risk that once identified, require systemmatic and structured assessments prior to the alloction of resources to manage the risk. Risk management works most effectively when it is adaptable, transparent, inclusive, dynamic and responsive to change and used as part of any corporate decision making process.

Project Audits

A project audit can be an internal mechanism through which to identify and then mitigate any issues, concerns and challenges experienced in the execution of a project. At times this can make the difference between success and failure. A project audit may also comprise due diligence on behalf of a third party in relation to investment.