Rocklore is proud to be a Pitney Bowes Premier Partner. The Pitney Bowes suite of software is used extensively throughout the Natural Resources & Geosciences Sector, helping companies at all stages of development to streamline processes, increase productivity and make better and more informed decisions faster.

The Pitney Bowes’ Natural Resources division, provides powerful GIS solutions that are specifically developed for the mining and exploration industry. These cutting-edge analytical solutions can help locate, define, analyse, assess and exploit potential resources, with an integrated product suite spanning the Mobile through to 3D and Online environments.

Desktop GIS

Rocklore understands that risk can come in many forms. Whilst some risks can be mitigated through the implementation of best working practice and common HSE standards, there are also more complex forms of risk that once identified, require systematic and structured assessments prior to the allocation of resources to manage the risk. Risk management works most effectively when it is adaptable, transparent, inclusive, dynamic and responsive to change and used as part of any corporate decision-making process.

Mobile GIS

The systematic and scientific design of a programme, including the selection of the most appropriate techniques, is essential to ensuring effective expenditure of funds and optimising the chances of success. Whether support to programme design is ad-hoc, periodical or dedicated full-time, a project’s stage of development and the client’s short and long term objectives must be considered when designing a programme and the associated life support and logistical services required to maintain field operations.


The minerals sector is highly diverse requiring a broad spectrum of experience, skills and qualifications. Rocklore and its affiliates have the connections to provide highly resourceful, top calibre employees or contractors with a ‘can do’ attitude. This enables them to work and deliver under demanding conditions and in any environment. Whilst Rocklore’s focus is in geology, we have the ability to resource employees and contractors across a wide range of specialisations.

Geophysics Software

Rocklore can help you to build your medical equipment sets and first aid kits. The contents and packaging for all our kits are sourced from leading suppliers and put together to meet the needs of your teams in the field. Kits can be configured to reflect the operational environment and can also be scaled according to the size of your programme. Common kits that we can configure include: base camp, vehicle, and personal. We can also work with associated medical training service providers to ensure that your team are prepared both mentally and physically to come home safe every day.