Corporate Services

Rocklore is ideally placed to assist and advise you on how to optimise your busines strategy and operations, mitgate your risk and help leverage your record on QA/QC against financing. Located in London, our primary aims are to help you to build value, develop the project and to maintain your position at the head of the pack. We can also advise you on marketing strategies and the use of multimedia.

Geological Services

Whether your company is just getting started or is already well established, there comes a time when you might need additional support or perhaps to subcontact a particular phase of work to an external group or consultant. Rocklore can provide the capability that you need to ensure that your shareholders have confidence in your exploration and development strategy. We operate worldwide and work for junior explorers as well as for large established producers.

Support Services

It’s not all about the rocks. We can help support your existing geology team with experts in the fields of logistics, administration, community relations, security and across a wide range of technical specialisations. From the glaciers and mountains of Greenland to the jungles of South America and the deserts of the Middle East, we can help keep your team focused on the geology by relieving you of the background issues that can hinder your project development.

GIS Support Services & Software Sales

The Pitney Bowes suite of software is used extensively throughout the Natural Resources & Geosciences Sector, helping companies at all stages of development to streamline processes, increase productivity and make better and more informed decisions faster. pbEncom, the Pitney Bowes’ Natural Resources division, provides powerful GIS solutions that are developed specifically for the exploration and mining industry. These cutting-edge analytical solutions can help locate, define, analyse, assess and exploit potential resources, with an integrated product suite spanning the Mobile through to 3D and Online environments.